illustration of a cloud connected to various electronic devices

The Cloud’s Silver Lining

Time is money. And technology is making it much easier to save time and make more money. A recent survey shows more than 90 percent of businesses use some form of cloud-based computing for their day-to-operations.

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. At one time, applications and programs would have to be downloaded onto a physical computer or server. But with cloud computing, people can access those same items through the internet.

Why use the cloud? Here are just a few of the reasons to consider using cloud-based software for your business.

  1. Save money. There’s no spending on equipment which also means there’s no cost in maintaining that equipment. Money can also be saved on staffing. Typically the provider’s staff can answer any questions or troubleshoot when problems do arise. Downtime is rare with cloud systems. That efficiency also saves money for your business.
  2. Safety first. Cloud storage providers implement baseline protections for users that protect the data they process. That includes things like authentication, access control and encryption. These protections guarantee data is secure at all times.
  3. Go mobile. Using the cloud can allow all your staff to stay connected. Smartphones and other devices can easily link employees from any location. This connectivity results in instant results whenever someone is away from the workplace. Updates are often done automatically which goes back saving time and not requiring a large IT staff to work on those systems.
  4. Take control. You can decide who has access to the cloud within your company. Levels of access to data can be set as well which will keep sensitive information only accessible to those who need it.
  5. Disaster recovery. Losing valuable data is a concern for many companies. But when storing that information on the cloud, you’re guaranteeing it’ll be available. Laptops, smartphones and other devices with information stored on it can be stolen, lost or destroyed. When that happens everything on that device is gone too. On the cloud, all data remains accessible for any computer with an internet connection, even if something happens to your work computer.

The reality is, none of this is possible without fast and reliable internet service for your business. That’s where Clearwave Communications comes into play. We offer Dedicated Internet Access over fiber lines. The connection provides users with synchronous upload and download speeds, dedicated bandwidth and guaranteed reliability. Fiber connections have been proven to stand the test of time and the very worst that Mother Nature can deliver. And if there are problems, our tech support is available 24/7/365.

We can help businesses in Southern Illinois and the Metro East get connected today. Call us at 877-552-9284.