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Meet the Team - Jason Barr, Music Man

If Clearwave Communications ever wanted to start a band, we’d have to get Senior Account Executive Jason Barr to lead the way. He joined the team in September 2011. But long before Jason became music to the ears of his clients and colleagues, he was writing and producing his own songs.

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 Jason picked up a guitar and learned to play when he was in the seventh grade. That was nearly 20 years ago. In addition to the guitar, Jason acquired an ear and a talent for the piano. He’s learned to play a variety of other instruments along the way. Jason says his love for music grew through the years. He wasn’t brought up in a musical family, but the desire to play was born when he found himself at a crossroads in junior high.

“I was kind of slow and not athletic,” Jason admits. So music became his outlet. He developed his skills over time and eventually started making music with others. As a teenager, Jason and his bandmates would perform at different functions around southern Illinois.

He later attended SIU and earned an undergraduate degree in audio engineering and production. That enabled Jason to begin producing his own music as a solo act. He says even though he enjoyed playing with others in a band, it is easier to work alone because his schedule is the only one to consider.

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As part of his master’s’ thesis, Jason released a seven-song album of original music inspired by the themes and characters from the 1998 film The Truman Show with Jim Carrey and Laura Linney. Jason wrote, arranged and performed all the songs except for a guitar part on the track The Closest Thing. You can check it out here.

So far Jason has released seven full length albums with more than 40 songs. Cue the Sun is his most recent work. You can also hear Jason’s songs as background or transition music on show for MTV Europe, NBA TV and other programs.

He says he doesn’t do many public performances anymore because he enjoys performing original music that he writes. “If you want to play a four hour set at a bar, three hours and 30 minutes of that set needs to be cover songs that people know. That was never really my intention behind playing, even when I started playing, I never picked up the guitar and said ‘I wanna play an Eric Clapton song.’ I always just wanted to tool around on it and make my own thing,” Jason said.

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Not only is music a big part of Jason’s life, so are movies. He has an extensive collection of movie posters. The walls of his office are covered in posters. Between work and home, Jason has more than 100 posters from all genres of film. Because of his hobbies and love for the arts, some co-workers have dubbed him the Renaissance Man of Clearwave Communications.