fiberoptic cable with jack o lantern faces

No Tricks, Just Treats from Clearwave

It’s that time of year when we all like a little scare in our lives. From watching horror films to dressing up in costumes the Halloween season is a fun time. And you think that the only scary things hide in the dark, but think again! Slow internet speeds can send chills down your spine from anywhere at any time.

Those slow connections can create havoc for your business. A poor connection can interrupt an opportunity to reach your customers. That kind of disruption has a dreadful impact on your bottom line. Countless hours and dollars are lost in productivity when the internet goes out. Not only that, your reputation can suffer a fate worse than the victims of the Halloween movie franchise.

However, here at Clearwave Communications, we pride ourselves on providing long-lasting, reliable service to all of our customers. We keep you connected with those you need to stay in touch with any time. That means your business continues on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (even on Halloween when things are supposed to be scary).

We use fiber optic lines that have proven, like the heroes in our favorite horror films, they can stand the test of time. Fiber is much more reliable and stable than the copper lines our competitors use. Copper can and does corrode over time and that creates unnecessary headaches for everyone involved.

So treat yourself this Halloween season with Clearwave Communications and stay away from the tricksters. Our deals are sweeter than a bag of Reese’s Pumpkins. To learn more about the services Clearwave Communications has to offer, call 877-552-9284.