matt reising sitting at a drum set

Rock on with Clearwave Communications

Imagine a world without music. This thought is impossible to think about for most of us. That’s especially true for Clearwave Communications business account executive, Matt Reising. He’s been a part of the Clearwave team for more than two years. But long before that, he was rocking out on the national scene.

It all started when Matt was a little boy. He says his great grandpa whittled two wooden dowels into drumsticks. He used those sticks beat on a plastic cake plate cover. Matt strapped that homemade musical instrument to himself with a pair of suspenders, and he was hooked. It was soon after that creation that he joined the grade school band. As he learned how to hone his skills as a percussionist, he became more and more interested in creating his own music. Matt was a member of the marching band as well as jazz and pep bands in high school.

picture of matt reising and his band


During his time at college in the Metro East area, Matt met some like-minded musicians. The young men took their passion for music and created their band. The first incarnation was called ‘Suicidal Butterflies,’ so named during a road trip that involved a lot of butterflies hitting the windshield of the car in which the group was traveling.

That band then morphed into ‘3 Shades of Green.’ Matt admits there’s not as cool a backstory on origins of this name. But the talent was obvious. The band caught the eye of an entertainment law firm in St. Louis, which lead to a variety of gigs around the area. At one point the band was even being shopped around the Los Angeles area. Not only did ‘3 Shades of Green’ perform songs by other artists, but also wrote original music.

After a while, the music faded for that band, but Matt was soon performing again with ‘The Red Light Runners.’ That funk rock reggae band opened for the group ‘Slightly Stoopid’ each time they came through the St. Louis area.

Matt found himself in southern Illinois for a job opportunity in 2009. At that time he teamed up with local musician Matt Basler. The duo was known as ‘My Patience’ and even opened for ‘Collective Soul’ at HerrinFesta Italiana in 2009. Matt is still rocking. He practices weekly with another group of guys doing 90s rock tunes. While the band doesn’t have a name yet, he says to keep an eye out because he hopes to have some gigs set up soon.

In the meantime, Matt wants to help you and your business rock on. To learn more about the services Clearwave Communications can offer, call 877-552-9284.