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Saved by the Broadband

In the 1980s and 90s the world watched and laughed along with Zack Morris and his pals on the TV show ​Saved By the Bell​ . One thing everyone remembers is Zack’s old school “brick” phone. More than once, Zack would pull out the oversized device and make a call during class at Bayside High School, despite the threat of detention from principal Mr. Belding.

Those days are long gone as now most students have a smartphone, tablet or laptop that they bring to school. These devices are not just for Instagram posts, Snapchats and tweeting. The technology has become just as valuable to school curriculum as textbooks, calculators, and dictionaries. In some cases, the devices are replacing those one-time classroom necessities. The driving force behind keeping those electronics functional is high-speed broadband internet services.

Clearwave Communications is proud to work with more than 260 educational facilities in the 24 southernmost counties of Illinois. These schools include Pre-K through high school and all nine colleges and universities in our area. Many of these schools are found in rural areas of southern Illinois where internet connections can be sparse.

Thousands of students attending schools and colleges throughout the Southern Illinois and Metro East regions are able to connect at the same time, worry-free. Teachers are able to keep their students on task and their lesson plans intact every day. Slow download times or buffering of materials can cause distractions in the classroom. Clearwave has been able to provide high-quality service to enhance student and teacher education.

McKendree University in Lebanon and Southern Illinois at Carbondale also benefit with the high-speed connection too. Not only does that connectivity help in the classroom but it also allows researchers to be efficient with their time. Clearwave’s Chief Revenue Officer Mike Phalin understands the growing need to keep classrooms connected. He says there used to be a time when the connection was too weak to transfer files and other important information so CD-ROMs had to be used. That took time as the items had to be sent through the mail. Now in a matter of seconds, information is shared around the world and professors and instructors can easily collaborate.

“They need to be able to move large amounts of information. Having high capacity broadband coming into the university is imperative. Bandwidth and capacity equal speed,” said Phalin.

Our services also help beyond the learning environment. Students living on campus can use broadband to stay connected to events happening around them as well as be entertained by streaming videoes, staying connected on social media and shopping online.

Clearwave broadband also helps to ensure school safety and security. Cameras in schools can be monitored and data stored thanks to high-speed connections. It’s another resource for helping schools stay safe in a time when many parents, teachers, and students are concerned.

Each year, schools are increasing their usage and Clearwave is able to supply the bandwidth needed for that growth, but educational budgets are always tight. Phalin says K-12 schools are able to get discounts or reimbursement through the E-rate program, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company through the FCC. Discounts​ depend on the category of service requested, the level of poverty and the urban/rural status of the school district. Savings can range between 20 and 90 percent.

Just like Jessie Spano from ​Saved By the Bell​ , we’re so excited to help students move to the head of the class and stay connected. Schools are being saved by broadband all over southern Illinois and Clearwave is proud to serve them.

To learn more about the services Clearwave Communications can offer, call ​877-552-9284.